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Treatments & Price List

Specializing in permanent make-up softap method (7 years experience)
Permanent eyeliner top or bottom only60€*
Permanent eyeliner95€*
Permanent eyebrows110€*
Permanent lip liner95€*
Permanent full lip colouring150€*
 * bez korekcije
First touch-up (4-12 weeks)
Eyeliner top / bottom only30€
Full lip50€
Touch-up: not my work
Eyeliner top / bottom only50€
Full lip colouring90€
Additional permanent make-up
Mucousal eyeliner50€
Areola pigmentation90€
Tattoo removal (per session)40 – 70€
Eyeliner shading50€
Lash extensions (individual)
Classic New set4800 RSD
1 week fill1000 RSD
2 week fill1750 RSD
3 week fill2500 RSD
4 week fill3000 RSD
5 week fill3500 RSD
6 week fill4000 RSD
Volume 2-4D New set6000 RSD
1 week fill1500 RSD
2 week fill2000 RSD
3 week fill2750 RSD
4 week fill3200 RSD
5 week fill3500 RSD
6 week fill4200 RSD
Mega 7-15D New set7500 RSD
1 week fill1750 RSD
2 week fill2250 RSD
3 week fill3000 RSD
4 week fill3500 RSD
5 week fill4000 RSD
6 week fill4500 RSD
Tinting (lasts 3 – 4 weeks)
Tint brow300 RSD
Tint lashes550 RSD
Tint lashes + brows700 RSD
Tint lashes+brows+brow shape900 RSD
Full leg1500 RSD
Half leg700 RSD
Glutus area450 RSD
Underarm550 RSD
Bikini650 RSD
Brazilian wax 1800 RSD
Brazilian wax 21050 RSD
Half arm450 RSD
Full arm550 RSD
Face wax600 RSD
Lip wax250 RSD
Chin wax250 RSD
Brow wax250 RSD
Ear wax250 RSD
Nose wax250 RSD
Tummy wax500 RSD
Mens back wax700 RSD
Mens chest wax800 RSD
Face treatments
Deep cleanse treatment45min 2500 RSD
Anti-aging Facial treatment1hr 3800 RSD
Hydrating facial treatment with Hyaluron1hr 5500 RSD
Oily skin Facial treatment1hr 3500 RSD
Skin scrubber Facial treatment1hr 1200 RSD
Facial massage with mask1hr 1200 RSD
Beauty@Home Facial1hr 3000 RSD
Caviar Facial treatment1hr 6000 RSD
Advanced Skin Rejuvenation treatments
Micro needling face7500 RSD
Micro needling face i neck9500 RSD
Micro needling per area7500 RSD
Micro needling face, neck and decolte11000 RSD
Micro needling face / Anti ageing8500 RSD
Micro needling face and neck / Anti ageing9500 RSD
Hand and feet treatments
Aromatherapy Spa pedicure1800 RSD
Esthetic pedicure1500 RSD
Gel polish on the feet900 RSD
Express pedicure900 RSD
Medical pedicure1900 RSD
Classic Manicure700 RSD
Spa manicure950 RSD
Paraffin dip400 RSD
Pedikure with gel2100 RSD
Paint and shape400 RSD
Artificial nails
Gel overlay on the natural nail1800 RSD
Gel polish1250 RSD
Tip extensions2000 RSD
Small Fill1200 RSD
Gel extensions2400 RSD
Gel overlay french1500 RSD
Soak off500 RSD
1 nail fix200 RSD
Nail shaping150 RSD
Nail shaping with cuticle work400 RSD
Cuticle work250 RSD
Foot filing and scrub600 RSD
Removing ingrown toe nails700 RSD
Relaxing massage30 min 1000 RSD
Relaxing massage1 hr 1750 RSD
Lamprobe 4000 – minor skin lesion removal

The following minor skin lesions can be removed

  • Clogged pores
  • Cholesterol deposits
  • Milia (whiteheads)
  • Cherry Angiomas
  • Spider Naevi
  • Telangiectasia (dilated capillaries)
  • Acne pimples
  • Fibromas
  • Skin tags
  • Sebaceous Hyperplasia
  • Sebaceous Cysts
  • Keratosis
30€ 5 mins

Exact price is given in consultasion

Electrolisis- permanent hair removal
Nausnica/obrva/brada1500 RSD
10 min3500 RSD
15 min6800 RSD
25 min10 000 RSD
Per minute15 RSD


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