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Permanent Make-Up – Treatments

What is permanent make-up
Permanent cosmetic make-up is the process where a qualified technician is permanently inserting color into the dermal layer of the skin. Fine needles are dipped into hypoallergenic pigment (inorganic pigment). The color used also Called pigments are either pre-mixed or mixed manually to create a broad palette from which to choose from. The pigment then bonds to the skin cells and is visible through the translucent outer layers of the skin. It lasts approximately 4-7 years.

Cosmetic treatments that can be done and are popular, eyeliner, eyebrow shading, micro-blading, micro-shading, lip liner and full lip coloring.

  • Why EYELINER? It accentuates and defines the eyes. Also making the lashes seem thicker and denser.
  • Why EYEBROW SHADING? When the eyebrows are naturally too light, too thin or sparse or even non-existent it can be beautifully corrected, improved and enhanced by adding the micro pigmentation treatment. The treatment we do is done with the softap technique, where micro needles are used similar to the Micro-blading technique but the covering is a hard covering as the movement is a tapping movement used to insert the pigment into the skin.
  • Why MICRO-BLADING? Micro-Blading became popular some years ago when people didn’t want the solid looking eyebrows anymore (mostly obtained from tattoo machines). Once the hair stroke eyebrow/ Micro-blading was introduced it suited so many clients and became a must. The hair stroke effect are obtained by either using a handtool with a flexable covering, and the micro-needles are shaped at an angle or with a rotary machine with fine needle points. Color pigments should be of the highest quality and is normally mixed individually for every client according to taste, complexion and natural hair color.
  • Why LIP LINER? Whether you are or have been a smoker and want to add some definition to your lips it doesn’t really matter the Lip liner treatment adds such a beautiful finishing touch to the natural lips.
  • Why FULL LIP COLORING? Some woman are scared of adding too much color to the lips but you must be warned that the lips loose so much of the color inserted into the lips. With permanent lip coloring, the mouth takes on a soft, natural color permanently. You are far from stuck with the same color on your lips as you can always cover the permanent lip color with any other lipstick if you so choose. Keep in mind that the lip color fades slowly just as any other Micro pigmentation treatment.

4-8 weeks after the initial procedure follow up visits called touch-ups are done.

Who benefits from permanent make-up?

  • This is not a trick question, Anybody from young to old. Whoever desires a soft, natural enhancement to their appearances. The secret in permanent make up is definitely less is more and the treatment should only enhance what you have already.
  • People with allergies, who can’t wear cosmetics due to sensitivity to all the chemicals and ingredients.
  • Never too old to have the treatment done. We all know with age we loose hair where we least want to but such is life and now we can correct some of those unwanted effects.
  • So you are a sportiest, to all the athletes who think that they have to be plain or washed out while training because we all know make up smudge when you sweat. Once you have had this enhancement you will never look back at the comfort it gives you.
  • Permanent make up can also be hugely beneficial to the visually impared, people with medical problems wanting to look their best but a shaking hand makes life just a little more difficult to get make up applied straight.
  • Then last but not the least anyone who is simply too busy to want to struggle with applying straight eyeliner or make-up in general. I am a mom of 5 and a working mom at that and I cannot tell you how many compliments I get for always looking ‘like I have made the effort’ and in honesty all it is, is subtle permanent make up and lash extension….We are all entitled to our little secrets, right?

Is it painful?
There are a small degree of discomfort that goes with permanent make up. We are putting pigment into the skins layers and even thought it is not as deep as a tattoo it s a constant tapping being done. This however vary from client to client’s individual pain threshold. We manage pain in our salon with applying a cream anesthesia on before the treatment is done and then a gel anesthesia whilst the treatment is carried out.

Now last but not least the most important question. IS IT SAFE?
The answer is YES!!!!!

  • As long as …absolutely ALL needles are sterile and new for each client.
  • All machine parts are sterilized and must be kept in a sanitary way.

In all treatments clean medical gloves must be used for every client as well as a face mask must be worn by the therapist.

So with all the information you have read through now .. All you need to do now is CALL us for a consultation and book your treatment.