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Permanent Make-Up – Training

PMU Softap Training – €900
The PMU Softap Training course includes

  • 4 DAYS TRAINING from 9-16h
  • First day training in theory from second day practical
  • Practical on own models/clients: 3 eyebrows, 3 lips, 3 eyeliners one other of your choice
  • History of permanent make up
  • Color mixing
  • Sterilization and sanitation
  • Who benefits from PMU
  • Pain management
  • PMU vs. Tattooing
  • Skin tones and colors
  • Skin types and conditions
  • Contra indications and precaution
  • Basic dermatology, procedures: eyeliners, lip liners, eyebrows
  • Anesthetics
  • Recovery and aftercare
  • Starting up a PMU business
  • Training Dvd included
  • All training material is included in the prices, eg pigments, needles and consumables for the 10 treatments.
  • At the end of the 4 days you will receive a workshop completion certificate.
Starter kit – €700
The starter kit includes

  • 7 GIANT SUN PIGMENT COLORS (black,gray, yellow, dark brown, coco, skin, dark red, peach)
  • Softap Medical stainless steel pen
  • 10 Softap brow needles
  • 10 Softap eyeliner and lipliner needles
  • Emla 5% 30g Anesthesia
  • Blue Ice Gel Anesthesia
  • 1 pack wet wipes
  • 1 pack of surgical gloves
  • Kidney shape stainless steel bowl
  • 10 alcohol swabs
  • 1 Desu M sterilizer
  • Steri 101 handsterilizer
  • Stainless steel pigment ring
  • 50 pigment cups
  • 10 bacitracin home care sachets
  • 10 vit A+d home care sachets
  • 1 Bacitracin (anti-biotic) 25g tube
  • Mixing kit
  • Ear buds
  • Kit container


Beauty at Home Starter Kit


Additional information: there is only one training per month and two students at a time are allowed. The students must provide their own models for training as this helps them to feel more in control and secure when they have people that have trust in them already. Beauty@Home centre for permanent make up and lashes carries the cost of the treatments and thus the models do not pay anything for the treatment. The models must be informed that treatments will be done on them by students and that the salon is not liable for any wrong doings or mistakes that occur during training on our premises. There will be a qualified trainer with the students at ALL times cutting down on chances of mishaps.

The students and Models have to sign a release form at the beginning of the training where it is explained what the treatment includes and what aftercare are expected of the Models at home.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and commitment to the quality of the permanent make-up industry.

We look forward to hear from you soon and to book you in for your SOFTAP PMU (Softap permanent make-up) course.